vivre en meilleures santé




Our health deteriorates from the end of adolescence, in an insidious way and weakens our various physiological systems, thus creating a breeding ground for disease.
Let’s not wait until we are ill, let’s act beforehand and correct the deficits that settle in our body according to our senescence, our lifestyle and our environment.

The Institut Prévention Santé Longévité aims to help its consultants live a longer and healthier life.

Towards a New Philosophy of Life


Just watching the years go by and waiting or wishing for retirement in the naive hope of escaping disease is a view of life that must be resolutely outdated. We can and must be actors of our health. This health is our most precious asset, we must always remember. To be in good health, as was rightly said by According to the World Health Organisation in 1946, it is not just a matter of not being ill, but of being in full possession of one’s physical and mental faculties. It is in fact fighting against senescence that has been insidiously degrading us since our late teens. Yes, at 50, you are no longer 20, or 30 or 40 for that matter. At 50, at 60, you can still work, have a sporting activity, love, making plans, but this is different. The time that remains… or rather the time that is useful for projects, is dwindling, getting shorter… And the most usual reaction is denial. You have been on a slope for a long time and you keep accelerating downwards. Become aware From this, become aware of the gradual and insidious deterioration of your abilities and stop saying to yourself “but I am better than my friends of my age…”.

A new philosophy of life means becoming aware of who you are physiologically speaking, understanding what your Health Capital is and learning to manage it to optimise it. It is possible to be as fit as a 30 year old at 50. Why deprive yourself of this? Learning to think differently, learning that ageing is nothing but a marker of the passing of time and not a reflection of your senescence, learning to manage your time and your nutrition and not just to consume, learning to manage a sporting activity and not just to sweat, correcting the deficits that appear in your organism… all of this will allow you to put all the chances on your side to live in full health and longer.

Towards a New Philosophy of Work


Corporate Partnership

Working just to get a living wage is socially decent, but decidedly outdated. We spend a third of our 24 hours at work and sometimes more, and much more, if you count commuting time. This long period of our lives should be part of a better management of our Health Capital in full agreement with your employer. Better health at work means better efficiency and sustainability. Which company can remain indifferent to this issue? Of course, some companies will prefer to have a classic vision of buying a workforce
(until they run out), but others, on the contrary, will want to participate
to a better management of their employee’s health capital, by encouraging them to participate in adapted and personalised optimisation programmes.

By providing your executives with the health benefits of
You will enhance their value and enable them to be healthier, more efficient and longer-lasting. You will thus be part of a
the notion of well-being at work, which has become so valuable over the years.

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